The Customer Experience of Digital Commerce

Think way back to 1910 to when there was no concept called a department store; oh wait you are not 105. Back then you would enter a store dedicated to say accessories and as you assess the store you would spy a counter with a lady standing behind it. As you walk up to the . . . → Read More: The Customer Experience of Digital Commerce

Customer Experience for Digital Commerce – Part 2 Operational

In part 1 we discussed the Customer Experience for Digital Commerce, how replicating a common customer experience of the traditional store model has its own challenges in the online world. in this article we will be looking at the operational / supporting considerations of an e-commerce system, how we will support the Customer Experience.

So . . . → Read More: Customer Experience for Digital Commerce – Part 2 Operational

Stakeholder Analysis

What is a stakeholder

Before we discuss what Stakeholder Analysis is we should first talk about who are the stakeholders. Just to be clear it is not the person on the right.

The Wikipedia says a ““stakeholder” has become more commonly used to mean a person or organization that has a legitimate interest in a . . . → Read More: Stakeholder Analysis

Actor vs Role

Actors and Roles get very muddled up in all the discussions I have seen on the topic. Many people try and and use the analogy of real life actors and the roles they play, which is not a bad analogy but I feel they are really missing a crucial element of abstraction. If I have . . . → Read More: Actor vs Role

Enterprise Architecture Overview: Business, Application, Information & Technology

There are many ways to represent an enterprise such as the Zachman’s Framework with its different views such as a Security View which have their purposes but don’t really provide a way to understand the entire enterprise and how the businesses strategy directly impacts the business and how that impacts the Information used, the applications . . . → Read More: Enterprise Architecture Overview: Business, Application, Information & Technology

Telecom: Resource – Logical vs Physical View

Within the TM Forum Information Framework (SID) model the Resource domain is described. The Resource domain is broken into a Physical Resource and a Logical Resource and I’d like to provide a Coles Notes introduction that may help you out with this very powerful idea.

The TM Forum states a

Resource is something . . . → Read More: Telecom: Resource – Logical vs Physical View

Logical vs Physical Applications

It’s important to understand the difference between logical application and physical applications, one is the idea of an application with a set of well define functions and a information domain that supports it like Invoice Management. I’m using Invoice Management as its well known and exists within pretty much every business. It has a set . . . → Read More: Logical vs Physical Applications

Complete Mentoring Program (Team Development)

Does the following sound familiar, there is a position in the company that looks really exciting but you don’t know how to get the skills to do the job, or perhaps you realize that you could ask the person doing the work to mentor you but your at a loss as to how to proceed. . . . → Read More: Complete Mentoring Program (Team Development)

Deciding between Build (Develop In-House) vs Buy (COTS) – part 2

In my previous post on Build vs Buy I discussed a number of determining factors that could sway you to decide to you want to Buy a COTS (Commercial off the shelf) solution. Below I will discuss the reasons why you may decide to go with a Build an in-house solution as well as a . . . → Read More: Deciding between Build (Develop In-House) vs Buy (COTS) – part 2

Deciding between Build (Develop In-House) vs Buy (COTS) – part 1

Deciding whether to Build a solution in-house or Buy a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) solution is a decision based on many factors. Some companies feel there is value in building a solution as this gives them a feel of security, while others have had poor experiences with what has been developed in house as . . . → Read More: Deciding between Build (Develop In-House) vs Buy (COTS) – part 1

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